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Invisalign treatment will consist of a series of aligners which are rotated around every two weeks.

Each aligner is individually manufactured with exact calculations to gradually shift your teeth into place.



The following testimonials are from patients whose smiles have been improved by choosing Dr. Abar as their orthodontist. These patients have generously allowed us to share their comments. We hope you enjoy reading their stories and that you find them as inspiring as we did.

"Dear Dr. Abar,

Almost 9 months through my treatment.... I just wanted to write a little note, acknowledging the great service that I have been receiving. You and your staff are both professional and friendly. I love my visits. I usually come in all cranky but always leave smiling. You guys are kind, personable, and accommodating in everyway. SO, thank you for the great environment.

And, especially thank you for your care after my surgery. I couldn’t have gone through this without your support. Aimee, my hero, I am forever grateful!

I don’t want to use any names, in fear, that I might leave someone out. I think I have had interaction with all staff in Danville office, you all are great, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Nazie Hoda

"My son and I would like to thank you for all the hard work and time spent on making his smile so nice. When we first came to your office he had an overbite/ crossbite. After a few years of visiting your office and following your direction his bite/ smile are now perfect. All of your direction his bite/ smile are now perfect. All of youu were a pleasure to work with and your staff is extrimely knowledgebale. I would highly recommend your services to those who are looking for a skilled Orthodontist in a warm caring environment."

April B.

"Over a nearly two-year period, I had adult orthodontia at the skilled hands of Dr. Hoss Abar of Danville Orthodontics. Braces aren't fun at any age, but Dr Abar and his friendly, competent, patient staff made the experience tolerable. Dr. Abar and colleagues had what I call "good chairside manner." Empathy, in other words. They were willing to explain the process in terms a layperson such as me could understand, and I now have appreciation for and amazement at what can be done with wires, brackets, and elastics, and, most important, competence.

I could always get in to see someone on short notice if, for example, an elastic chain snapped, which happened on several occasions, once due to my cheating and chomping on cashews. Generally, though, I followed the rules, the importance of which were stressed firmly but cordially by Dr. Abar, who had to separate and move my incisors to enable my dentist to create crowns for the badly worn teeth.

I wouldn't wish braces on anyone, but if you or someone you know needs them--as I did--and live in the Danville or Pinole area (the practice has two offices), I recommend Dr. Abar without hesitation."

John B.

"When I was a young boy, my mother took me to a dentist for my overbite, but nothing happened. Then when in my thirties I went to an orthodontist for his advise about my front teeth, he told me that if  we tried to fix my overbite there was a great possibility that my teeth would come loose and fall out.
In my mid fifties, after feeling that I was often biting in to my gums, I went to see my dentist Dr. Lin in Hercules. He referred me to Dr. Abar, and then finally things got taken care of. Dr. Abar sat down with me and explained my options. After debating, my wife and I made our decision; for me to go to get braces without having surgery. Three years ago we started taking care of my problem. I am very impressed with the results. In no time I didnn't bite into my gums anymore. The rest of the procedure took much longer, but the care and professionalism of Dr. Abar and his staff are amazing and now I am very satisfied with the feeling and look of my teeth."

Edgar V.

"Dr. Abar is an Ortho Extraordinaire!
I started with him in 2004 when I first got my braces. I wore braces for two full years. Now I see him once a year to check on my bite and make sure my teeth have not moved back. If needed, I get new night guards after dental work.
Results? Teeth look great, bite feels better. I can enjoy lifelong, healthy chompers until my timely or untimely death.
His office staff are the best. Friendly, upbeat, and flexible to the dentally challenged from an insurance perspective. (Like, no insurance)
They will work out a payment plan and make it financially feasible for you and your family to meet your orthodontic needs."

Bob G.